Hard Night

urgh is it really 7:40am? Last night was full of alarms going off, crying children and one very hungry very chatty little girl.

Its been a long night as I am not the best sleeper anyway and being in here means I hear everything. I seem to be getting better at switching off and as the title of my blog suggests I am not unfamiliar with lack of sleep.

Elizabeth finally came round fully earlier this morning and there was no way I could tell her to go back to sleep at 3am when she was being her politest and cheekiest. She managed to eat and drink something which is really good. The night shift nurse who has looked after Elizabeth these last two nights finds her very funny when she says “no thank you” to having her medicines.

One of the best memories so far was when she properly woke up earlier yesterday evening at around 10 oclock she asked me for some strawberry milk but they don’t do it on the ward. She told em I had to go and get some. I said that this would mean leaving the hospital and leaving her alone so she turned to the nurse who was with us at the time and with a batting of her eyelids and her cutest smile she said “You will look after me won’t you”

I think she is going to be just fine.