Happy Birthday Dear Husband

Its not often my Hubby gets a decent mention on my blog, there is the odd, he did this or that but he never really gets mentioned and to be fair he is a pretty good husband all things considering.

So I decided that for one day I will dedicate my blog to him, especially as from now until  18th April he is only 2 years younger than me rather than 3.

As a bloggers husband he has definitely had the bad end of the stick sometimes, watching the girls whilst I go off gallivanting to different events, drinking wine, having a great time or having to stay with them whilst I go to chat and have a photo with Kelly Brook just down the road from him in another venue.

He allows me to go so many events and is very supportive of everything I do for my blog and apart from the odd freebies out of my goody bags (he likes moisturiser) he doesn’t really get much out of it.

I know I am lucky with how supportive he is, I have seen so many comments from other bloggers about partners and husbands not understanding why we would want to attend events and being jealous or belittling what we do online.

So for one day only I give my blog over to my Hubby.