Handmade fathers day gifts with Hobbycraft

Hobbycraft craft materials

It is Fathers Day in just a few weeks and it is really hard to think of something that my hubby will want so I decided to go with what I would want instead. The one thing I always appreciate is something that the girls have made themselves but seen as I have the creativity of a toothbrush I headed to Hobbycraft to pick up a few easy to use craft items so that we could create a range of ideas to show you.

Now Hobbycraft is full of amazingly creative kits and shelves and shelves packed full of every type of craft material you could think off but I was focusing on items that were easy to use and cheap too.

Paint him a picture

Hobbycraft canvas and paints

I was really impressed with this haul. The canvases were reduced to just a few pounds each and the acrylic paint was only £3. For around £12 we had everything we needed for both girls to get creative and paint something that we could keep and hang on the wall for years to come.

Kid painting picture

I was really impressed with the attention to detail and effort that the girls put into their paintings and they were really happy with their finished products.

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Personalised stepping stone

Hobbycraft stepping stone

There were a few different kits on the shelf that gave me this idea but I decided to opt for the make your own version. The wooden spatulas were to help shape the clay but we didn’t really use them in the end. Mind you they won’t go to waste as they are a great craft material.

Handprint stepping stone

Alison put her handprint into the flattened clay and then used the mosaic stones to push into it. She asked for some help to write her name in the clay but did the rest herself.

hand print stepping stone

We then left it out to air dry. We did think about painting the handprint but she said she liked it the way it is as and as it is her creation I let her call the shots.

Handprint stone craft

Make your own tile frame

Tile frame crafts

I have seen lots of  these types of frames and with the fathers day inspired message tiles available to buy as a pack it seemed like a great gift to make. The whole thing cost less than £10 and Alison was able to make her own personal message frame.

Fathers Day Tile frame craft

All three crafts were quick, simple and easy to do and they created fabulous end results which the girls would be happy to give as a gift and Hubby would be happy to receive.

Why not get creative this Fathers Day using one of my ideas or check out the Hobbycraft blog for more ideas.

Hobbycraft fathers day gifts