Guest Post: Save our Sunday Roasts!

Back in the good old days, just about every family in the country regularly gathered around the table once a week for that most British of dishes; the Sunday Roast. There was nothing quite like it. Succulent meat, as many vegetables as you could pile on the plate, Yorkshire puddings and, probably the best bit of all, roast potatoes, crisp on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside.

Not only that, the Sunday Roast gave families the chance to laugh, chat and generally catch up before dozing on the sofa with the Sunday papers.

But finding the time at the weekend is tough in this modern world of juggling work and family commitments. More and more people are admitting they now skip the Sunday Roast and shove a pizza in the oven instead.

McCain has found a way to help get the family back around the table with roasties which take a fraction of the time, ready-prepared from the finest potatoes.

So, how else can we cut corners without losing out on taste?


Lots of people prepare vegetables the night before Christmas Day to take the pressure off, why not do that for your Sunday roast? Vegetables can be peeled, chopped and stored in the fridge in pans or bowls of salted water, batter can be made for your Yorkies and kept in a covered jug in the fridge.

A Family Affair

Gone are the days where Mothers are expected to slave in the kitchen before the family crowd around the table to scoff everything in sight. Get the husband and the kids involved, helping to get vegetables ready and basting the meat etc. Kids love to make themselves useful when setting the table.

Don’t Be Afraid of Ready-Made

Nowadays, most people can’t tell the difference between a cauliflower cheese dish you’ve lovingly prepared yourself or one you’ve just heated up in the microwave. Take some of the pressure off and save time with some ready-made side dishes and save on the washing up!

Make Use of the Spare Time

With all the time you’ve saved with ready-made roasties and pre-chopped vegetables, designate the time after lunch as “family time”. Go for a long walk on the beach or in the forest, if it is raining you could reach for the board games.

The Sunday Roast is one British institution that’s worth saving so try to make time once a week and don’t feel guilty if you need a little help.

Personally the Sunday Roast is a highlight in our house with both of my girls loving vegetables and yorkshire puddings covered in gravy. They don’t eat the meat and as much as I love my roast potatoes they actually prefer McCains. We have found that using frozen roast potatoes and steam fresh veg means that I can throw together a really quick Roast Dinner for the kids any day of the week and a chicken breast in the George Foreman grill tops it off to make a scrummy and filling meal for an adult too.