Guest Post: Pet Problems: Vet Visit or an At-Home Solution?

 If your pet is showing signs that it is unwell or something is generally not right, it can be a stressful time for the whole family, as we all want our animals to be happy and healthy. As they can’t tell us what’s wrong, and it may even be heard to tell what’s going on with them, the obvious port of action is to take them to see the vet.

However, vet trips can be expensive, and how do you know if they really need a visit to the vets or if they’re just a little under the weather? After all, we don’t go to the doctors every time we feel the slightest bit off. But we don’t ever want to put our beloved pets at any risks. So, how do you decide whether to treat them yourselves or take them to the vet?

Annual vet checkups and a healthy life style

The best way to avoid lots of trips to the vet is to keep your pet as healthy as possible. This includes feeding them a nutritious and balanced diet, ensuring they get lots of exercise and even giving them supplements to keep them healthy. Prevention is your best form of defence. Also, taking them to the vets for a check up annually can be a good way to identify any underlying problems so you can solve them quickly.

Seek advice from a veterinarian pharmacist online

If your pet is acting differently to usual and is showing signs that they are ill, look into receiving some high quality medical advice from a vet over the phone or online. This service is usually free with most pet care product websites. They may even be able to prescribe medication for you without the need to go to a vet, or could suggest alternative treatments, like Cestem flavoured tablets for example, which can be significantly more expensive if getting them from a vet.

Research blogs and forums of pet owners

The pet community is a friendly and helpful one. If you are really concerned about your pet, researching their symptoms and behaviour online can sometimes be useful, as you are likely to come across a pet owner that has dealt with similar problems. You can access a list of 100 Pet Blogs here rather than just typing your worries into a search engine for hours, too. (Though it is important to remember, not everything on the internet is 100% factual or helpful, so aim to differentiate between the useful stuff and the not so useful stuff. You should always consult a professional before administering new medication to your pet, too).

If in serious doubt, seek medical help

If you are seriously concerned about your pet or if they appear extremely ill, don’t hesitate – take them to the emergency vet, even if it is mostly to put your mind at rest. Leaving it until the morning won’t be worth it if your pet is truly very ill, and they will be relying on you to help them.

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