Nostalgic sweets all your family will enjoy: the top ten pick ‘n’ mix contenders 

Many of us have fond memories of childhood bags of pick ‘n’ mix. The novelty of choosing whatever you wanted from a vast array of delicious options was enough to give you a giddy sugar high before you even opened the bag!
Of course, it’s not just the younger generations who can appreciate these wonderful sweets and if you talk to the older generation then they’ll no doubt name their own pick ‘n’ mix favourites. This means that grabbing a bag of your favourite goodies could be enough to keep the whole family happy – and here are our top ten favourites in reverse order. 

10. Flying saucers
These may not be the most exciting option on our list but they’re essential to any pick ‘n’ mix selection as their lightweight allows you to cram lots into the bag and really get your money’s worth!

9. Milkshake bottles
Perfectly chewy and delightfully milky, milkshake bottles have earned their place on the top ten.

8. Jellied crocodiles
Another tactical choice, these are just as good as their larger counterpart (the Jelly Snake) but much more cost effective.

7. Dolly mixtures
These classics are a firm favourite of the older generation and still bring a smile to kids faces with their pastel shades and sugary contents.

6. Gummy bears
Available in a range of bright shiny colours, these are best eaten by biting the heads off first and saving the bodies until last!

5. Gobstoppers
The giant of the pick ‘n’ mix world, these classics will keep even the most excited child occupied for hours. You may want to try these tips instead though as the weight of these big sweets makes them a more expensive addition to the pick ‘n’ mix bag.

4. Strawberry laces
Perfect for winding round and round your fingers and slowly devouring, strawberry laces are another great value sweet.

3. Jelly babies
No list would be complete with this classic! Squidgy and chewy with a lovely coating that ensures they’re simply irresistible – what’s not to love?

2. Fruit salad
An age old choice, these individually wrapped chewing sensations will be stuck in your teeth long after you finish them – giving you long lasting, sweet tasting pleasure.

1.  Fried eggs
The modest fried egg should never be underestimated. These delightful sweets climbed to the top of this list for having all the essential properties of a good pick ‘n’ mx sweet. Lightweight, chewy and often slipping to the bottom of the bag where they become coated in the sugar of all the other sweets – it’s clear why they’re our resounding winner.

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