Guest Post: Losing weight in the office

Losing weight in the office can be difficult, as anyone who has actually tried can tell you. Avoiding temptation can be particularly tricky when you’re surrounded with others who aren’t on the same diet wavelength as you and feel the need to eat candy and soda at their desks, making your mouth water all day long. But there are a couple tricks you can try to make losing weight in the office much more possible, with or without the help of your stubborn coworkers.

·         Introduce Fruit to the Workplace – Instead of bringing donuts, bring a fruit platter to work. Share with your coworkers to earn some bonus points or keep it at your desk for when you feel your stomach start to rumble. That way you can avoid the trips to the vending machines completely and not worry about having the willpower to avoid buying a candy bar. Or get your coworkers to chip in and buy the office a fruit basket through U.K. fruit basket providers like Fruitful Office. They’ll bring the fruit straight to your office where everyone can enjoy something healthy for a change instead of the usual junk they’re used to eating.

·         Make it a Game – Turn your office into a battleground by making weight loss a challenge for everyone. Start a pot and have everyone chip in to be a part of the challenge. Then have everyone record their starting weight and set a deadline (maybe a month or so) for everyone to check back in. The person who lost the highest percentage of weight can win the pot, or if you’re hoping to make it more even set a certain percentage (say 3 or 4%) and have anyone that hits their percentage split the pot amongst themselves. Your coworkers can be encouraging or competitive, but chances are it’ll be working in your favor instead of against you. Start a group on Facebook for coworkers to post encouragement or taunts; either way you’ll have fun.

·         Skip the Energy Drinks and Soda – If you’re like most people you probably enjoy a soda every now and again. Even if you’re ahead of the game and like to drink sugar free sodas, they contain an absurd amount of chemicals and caffeine, all of which will mess with your digestive system big time. You’ll be amazed at what you accomplish simply by cutting out the sodas and energy drinks. Without a caffeine dependency, you’ll also cut out those mid-afternoon crashes where you feel like the only thing that will solve your problems is a nap. It takes roughly three weeks to break a habit and only about ten days for caffeine to leave your system; so make a pledge to stick to water and teas and you’ll be better for it.

There are a lot of things you can do to ensure you’re losing weight at the office instead of gaining it. Try to sneak in exercise on your breaks if at all possible and make sure everyone at the office is on your team. Your coworkers can be a lot of help or a lot of pain.

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