Guest Post: A guide to the best snacks at Disney Land

Every year, millions of children dream of being able to go to Disney World with their parents to meet Mickey and the gang and to take a ride on those famous themed rollercoasters. There will be exhaustive lists about the best rides to go on and children will be fully versed about where to go before they set off on holiday.

However, you’re not going to spend the whole time on rides while you’re there, surely? You will need some time to relax and take on refreshments. While there may very well be mountains of lists of the best rides available to the family at Disney World, I don’t imagine there are too many about the best snacks. Piecing together a top five or six would be difficult, given the amount of nibbles on offer to visitors, so here is a guide to the best snacks available to you on your travels at the Florida resort.

·  Mickey Mouse ice cream – what better place to start than with an ice cream in the shape of the iconic Disney character? This has been sweetening Disney trips for years and it is clearly not going to be stopping any time soon. It has vanilla ice cream encased in a chocolate outer shell in the shape of Mickey’s face. Try and tell me something that is more quintessentially Disney than that!

·  Triple chocolate brownie – let’s keep it chocolatey for now and marvel at the wonderful triple chocolate brownie that can be found at the Earl of Sandwich in downtown Disney. Freshly made with the flaky, crackly top and moist on the inside, it is the ultimate snack when on holiday.

·  Chocolate covered marshmallows on a stick – is anyone spotting a theme here? It sounds a very simple premise, but, my word, these little treats are a real delight. Different chocolate and topping combinations allow you to try something new each time – but don’t spend all your trip eating these as there’s so much more to be enjoyed. These snacks are situated near Hollywood Studios, so you can grab a couple while waiting in the queue for Fantasmic.

·  Frozen lemonade (on a hot day, of course) – hurrah, there are different snacks and refreshments that don’t include chocolate. And there you were thinking otherwise, I bet! There are few things more refreshing on a hot day at Disney World than a fresh frozen lemonade. It is the slush puppy kind that you can eat with a spoon if you so wish.

·  Mickey Mouse-shaped soft pretzels – You don’t actually have to have a pretzel in the shape of Mickey’s head but where’s the fun in that? The soft pretzels have something of an edge over other ones you can get elsewhere. I’m not sure why, just trust me on this. Head to the Germany pavilion in Disney World to get your hands on an authentic twisty snack.

Honourable mentions

There just isn’t enough room for me to go on talking about the best snacks. I would be doing it for eternity and you’d stop reading so there are some others that you should be looking out for when heading out on luxurious Florida holidays. These include the likes of the Nutella Waffle, the Dole Whip, Main Street Popcorn and chocolate covered frozen bananas.