Good work

Its not often that you hear about a huge organisation and think “Wow they are really doing good work”. I mean the two things don’t normally go hand in hand, so when I was commissioned to blog about Virgin Money and the work they have been doing with the WWF I was really interested to find out more.

I headed over to the Virgin Money press release area of the website and I couldn’t believe what I was reading. From the end of April Virgin Money are giving away a free 12 month WWF adoption pack for every Virgin Money Young savers account opened. With 11,000 WWF free adoption packs available, only through the Virgin  Money Store network, they will be offered on a first come, first served  basis. There is a range of 12 different WWF Animal Adoption Packs available for
customers to choose from, including packs for the Tiger, Snow Leopard, Black
Rhino, Giant Panda, Asian Elephant and others (full list below). Each WWF animal adoption pack will include:

a cuddly toy, a certificate of adoption, stickers, bookmark and a fact book. You also receive a quarterly update too.
We have been offered one of these adoption packs but the hard part is choosing which animal we want to support. Personally for me it would always be the bottlenose dolphin as it is my favourite creature in the world but I am not sure the girls would feel the same way. There are 12 different WWF Animal Adoption Packs available for customers to choose from, and they are:
* Tiger * Borneo Orang-utan * Snow Leopard * Hawksbill Turtle * Polar Bear * Bottlenose Dolphin * Adelie Penguin * Amur Leopard * Black Rhino * Mountain Gorilla * Giant Panda * Asian Elephant

So many gorgeous creatures to save it is so hard to choose. I am sure that the impact that 11,000 12 month subscriptions will have will be huge and I am glad that a large company like Virgin Money are taking saving for the future to heart and realising it is not just about the money side of things but also saving the planet and the animals for the future too.

This is the picture from the WWF adopt a dolphin pack. It is so cute.