Good Deeds #ThankYouStranger

How many times do you do a good deed for someone without really thinking about it?

How many times has someone done a good deed for you that has changed your day?

You see half the time doing a good deed for someone is a completely selfless act, you see someone in trouble and you help in anyway you can. It could be that you see someone struggling on some stairs with a pushchair or a suitcase and you offer to help. It could be as simple as giving someone some change to use the public toilets in the train station
or maybe even giving them some help with directions. These small, simple and easy to do actions can take the stress out of someones day and make them feel happier. It can lower their anxiety levels and generally something that is so small for you can have a huge impact on them.

There has been numerous times where I have helped people with children on train journeys by putting a film on my kindle or laptop for them to watch and that has been a good deed not just for that family but for everyone in the carriage, I mean I am sure most of us have had a journey with one of those annoying kids. I have carriage countless pushchairs up stairs, given my seat up for all manner of people who looked more in need of it than me and generally done all that I canto make life nicer for others.

When looking at the bigger picture I am on the organ donor list, I am a blood donor and I am also registered with Anthony Nolan to give my bone marrow if ever it is needed and I wouldn’t hesitate if I got the call tomorrow. I believe if we are able to make a difference to someones life then we should do what we can. Anthony Nolan are currently running a campaign called ‘Kindest of Stranger’ in which they explore the different ways that strangers have gone out of their way to be kind, you can follow the campaign on the #ThankYouStranger hashtag.

Have you done a Good deed for someone that really stands out in your mind? Has anyone every done a good deed for you that made an impact on you?