Go Ape Tree Top Junior Adventure, or the day Elizabeth surprised us all!

A few weeks ago we headed to Black Park near my mum’s house to have a go on their Go Ape Tree Top Junior Adventure course. The girls were all very excited to go up but I was still expecting Elizabeth to back out. Alison is usually my little adventurer with Elizabeth less likely to go on rides or climb trees so I was very surprised when they seemed to have swapped roles for the day.
As Elizabeth led the way on to the first bridge she zoomed across to my surprise. Alison took a bit more convincing!

The treetop junior adventure course keeps you permanently attached to the safety wire so there was no unclipping when you came to the end of the bridges. This meant I was able to relax safe in the knowledge that the kids wouldn’t fall. Obviously, this did not prevent my own irrational fear of heights but I tried not to vocalise these for the children and that helped me continue.

We were given an hour to make our way around the two junior courses. The courses are designed for children between six and ten but if they are over one metre and accompanied by an adult on a 2:1 ratio then they are able to use the course as well.

The first of the two courses was perfect for the children I took up as they were six years and younger and it had a handrail for them to hold on to. The Second course was like the first but without the handrail so when we had finished the first course the instructors recommended we did the same one again rather than move onto level 2.

The girl’s confidence the second time around was really evident, especially Alison who moved around the course with speed and agility that I was just not able to imitate.

We always love trying something new and this certainly ticked the box for us. It was fun, challenging and gave us all a fantastic confidence boost. Gaming Daddy of Two tackled the Tree Top Adventure course with my little brother at the same time and all I can say is I am glad I went on the smaller course!

Watch our Tree Top Junior Adventure here.