Giving to charity in the comfort of your own home

As you can imagine after the year we have had, giving to charity has become even more important to me. Not only do I have the give as you live toolbar installed so they get money on most of the things I buy online but I have also run 10k, done the race for life and hosted a raffle.I love being able to give to charity and get something in return which is why give as you live fits in so well with my life but I had something else brought to my attention too and I think it is really good. For seven weeks seven bingo sites will take it in turn to each host a giveaway with a total jackpot of seven thousand pounds and what makes it better is for every one pound card bought they give one pound to breast cancer care.

I am a firm believer that if you enjoy participating in these sites then the £7k pink Fridays are the nights to do it. I reckon that hundred of thousands of pounds must be spent on these sites every night, that could make a huge difference to Breast Cancer Care if only people knew to look out for those games.

Thinking about giving money also reminded me of all the other wonderful things that you can do to help people with cancer. Being a blood donor is fantastic and well needed but have you ever considered giving platelets? Elizabeth received so many infusions of Blood and Platelets that I lost count but each time I looked at one of those bags I sent a little thank you to whoever had donated them. We were very lucky Elizabeth responded well to her chemotherapy treatment but some of the friends we made on the ward were not so lucky. For many of them, they needed a bone marrow transplant, some of them are still waiting for suitable donors. Why not see if you could be put on the bone marrow transplant list? You might not be needed but if you are it could save someone’s life. I have witnessed first-hand the change in children that have had a transplant, it is worth it believe me.

There is one more thing I would like you to do. I would like you to read my post about how our generation could cure cancer. I would like you to contact your MP and tell him that the Saatchi bill will be read in the House of Commons on the 18th of October and that we want their support. This bill can change the lives of many people and bring hope to those who have been told they can’t be treated any longer.

There are many ways to make a difference from playing bingo at home to offering to donate your bone marrow, knowing you are doing some good will make you feel good in return.