Gift Guides 2019 – What I would love to unwrap on Christmas Day

Every year I put together an assortment of gift guides to help you to find some inspiration over the holiday season. Well, this year I thought I would restrict my gift guides to just three. A gift guide full of stuff I would love, a gift guide for kids and a gift guide for adults. Now obviously these might not contain the perfect gift for the person or people you are buying for but I hope they will help you to discover some new products and maybe give you a little bit of inspiration to steer you away from the general Christmas tat that can be found on the high street.

Although all these items were gifted to me for the purpose of this review I collated them myself and rejected items that were not suitable. At least I know I have some great presents this year even if my husband buys me rubbish ones.

When it comes to chocolate I am really fussy and with good reason. Rubbish chocolate makes me sad. Also, tiny chocolate which is why this Green and Blacks advent calendar is perfect for me. Although there are only small bars behind each door they are a lovely size that actually constitutes two bites making them a successful start to any day. Although not necessarily a Christmas day present it still counts because in our family we gift each other with an advent calendar at the beginning of December.

Gin will always be well received by me and new gins even more so. These Friary Gin liqueur miniatures actually contain enough for two decent gins each (or 4 if you are super stingy and use a 25ml measurement. The different flavours will go nicely with lemonade and would make you a firm favourite in the office if this was a secret Santa present. You can find the perfect gin gift set from Yumbles.

The observant ones amongst you would notice that my name is not Jackie as this glass states, that is because I was kind enough to get this engraved with my mum’s name. I actually drink gin at her house more than at mine and we broke one of her glasses the week before I ordered this so it seemed only fitting. After it arrived however I was kicking myself because this is one beauty of a gin glass. It is large, it sparkles and it should be mine. You can find this Personalised Crystal Cut Gin glass at

Nothing says Christmas to me than new pyjamas and a new dressing gown. My dressing gown has to be super soft, strokable and very large. This spotty luxurious bathrobe from Camille fits the bill perfectly and to make things even better it is an absolute bargain.  They have loads of different designs but if the person you are buying for loves being warm and cosy this is one purchase I definitely recommend.

Every year we get a new board game and this year I think it is my turn to be entertained. We actually received this to review (you can read it here) but I love it so much that I think it has to feature here as well. Escape Room games can vary a lot and some of them are just a bit naff. This game, however, is challenging, interactive and nervewracking with real keys, a countdown and some very tricky clues.

So there you have it. I don’t ask for much at Christmas time but a few select gifts that show you really know me will always make me happy. When looking to buy gifts for someone, forget the tacky items and think about something they will not only love but also use. I have far too many novelty gifts shoved in the back of cupboards and drawers that will never be used and are just a waste of money.

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