Gift Guide 2019 – Great Gifts for Adults you don’t really know

Buying gifts for other adults is hard. It is a fact, you either don’t know enough about them to get them something they would really like or you think that if you did then they would think you are a stalker. This isn’t a post full of gifts to give to people you really love (or even tolerate) such as your other half and your family members. These are gifts for your neighbour who looks after your cat when you go on holiday, or a gift for George in accounting because of the secret Santa at work. These are gifts that show more thought than I went to the gift section in B&M but that doesn’t actually require that much effort.

All of these items have been gifted to me. Not necessarily for this post but I stuck some in here anyway because I think they make great generic adult presents.

The tea drinker

An English Tea Shop Advent Calendar because who doesn’t a different tea every day of December? Me, that’s who. Now a different coffee or gin every day and you have a deal. However, I do think that this makes a great and thoughtful gift for a tea lover. After all, they will be thinking of you every morning as they have their brew so if you know they are a last-minute present buyer this could be a good way to rack up some extra bonus points.

The Sweet Tooth

Personalised jar of sweets? yes, please. You see these say Seaton’s on them but really they should say Seaton’s kids because I didn’t get a look in on these sweets and all I was left with was a useful yet empty jar. A personalised sweet jar says I put more effort into this present than I had to but not too much. Ideal if you are visiting someone’s house and you don’t want to get something for everyone. This jar ticks the box for the whole family (although the grown-ups might have preferred wine).

The Close Friend

Will you be spending an evening surrounded by close friends and you have had enough of Cards against Humanity? Well, why not gift True Colors to one of your friends and then play it that evening. That way you get something new to play and find out what your friends really think of you. You may end up losing friends by the end of the night but they weren’t worth it anyway.

The Beauty Queen (or king)

Definitely not just for the ladies as my husband uses this stuff more than me. Why not put together a little pamper pack? It doesn’t take much to really look like you have made an effort and with a great face mask from T-Zone and some Vie handmade soap you can really make it feel special. Pop it in a wicker basket from the pound shop with a shower puff and some chocolate and you will look like you pulled out all the stops for a fraction of the effort.

Let there be Brew

Getting the right mug for someone is a challenge I love to accept and Paladone makes it easy for you. They have some amazing designs from basic text mugs like the let the day beGIN to shaped mugs like the Plumbus from Rick n Morty. You will find loads of designs including magic reveal mugs, sticker mugs, travel mugs, weirdly shaped mugs and mugs you will want even though you have no more space for mugs in your mug cupboard (believe me, I cant look on there without coverting yet another mug).

The Office Secret Santa

So you got the dud in the Secret Santa. It is either the new guy or the quiet one who no one talks too. Buying a gift for someone you really don’t know is tricky but these ideas could help you. With plastic pollution being a real issue then a reusable water bottle says I am useful and I am helping to save the planet. Jelly Belly sweets are fun novelty items that are tasty and look great, you can get them in various styles and flavours to match the gift recipient or just opt for some celebration ones. We all love (and need) new pens so this selection of BIC Gelocity pens may scream out “I had no idea what to get you” but they are also not socks or something that you know won’t be used so that has got to be positive. If all else fails, then chocolate never does (unless they are allergic to milk, then it is not a good idea), this Cadburys Christmas Treasure Box is packed full of tasty festive treats and it looks amazing, plus you get a lot of chocolate for you money making it good value at the same time.

So there you have it, the gifts may not be very inspiring but I hope they have inspired you in your search for the not so perfect but at least it is a useful gift for the adult you don’t really know well enough to get a great gift for.