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It is just over 12 weeks until we jet off on a once in a lifetime holiday where we will spend our days walking miles and miles around theme parks, squeezing into wet suits to go swimming with Manatees and cruising around the Bahamas. I literally can not wait but I have a problem. Those 35lbs I wanted to shift as part of my New Years Resolution are still hanging around and I think they might have found some friends along the way. Now I know that 12 weeks really can make a difference but they are not going to make a difference if I keep shoving chocolate in my face and sitting on my backside all day. Luckily for me I know have a goal and the means to do it. You see I have recently acquired a treadmill in my living room. It is right near my desk so it is in the perfect place to make me feel guilty and as it is actually in my house I don’t have any excuses not to jump on it for a quick run in the mornings. Getting active does mean that I needed to get some clothes that not only felt good when exercising but ones that looked good too. Looking good when working out is pretty hard to do so I need all the help I can get and so I jumped at the chance to be sent some fabulous Sportswear from Simply Be.

I was given the chance to choose my own outfits so I selected three outfits that I thought would be suitable for different occasions.

The Just getting started outfit

Exercise is all about attitude and well, I read the t shirt wrong and it actually says adjust your altitude but lets ignore that for now. I am going to stick to the phrase adjust your attitude because it is exactly that which will get me on that treadmill each morning, a positive attitude.

The I am trying outfit

Seeing myself as a work in progress actually allows me to appreciate the little successes. The minor achievements in my race to get fit. Whether that is another session on my couch to 5k completed or enough calories burnt off to justify that bit of chocolate I really want, the small steps will help me to keep progressing towards my end goal. I love that Simply Be produce clothes like this to help us feel better about ourselves whilst working out.

The Goal is in sight outfit

I think there should be wine at the end of every finish line so I couldn’t resist this outfit choice. I feel that Simply Be knew exactly what  I was thinking when I came across this top because I have decided to give up alcohol on a day to day basis. Not that I drank every day but a bottle of wine or a couple of beers at the weekend are not really needed and missing those calories all help to get me healthier for our holiday. I will however still have a few drinks at special occasions just so I don’t feel too deprived.

So there you have it, my three Simply Be Sportswear outfit choices to help me on my road to a slimmer me. What do you think? Do you have a favourite workout outfit?

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