Get your Christmas going with the £1,800 KiddyCharts Advent Calendar giveaway


Today we have a guest post from Helen Neale. She is a slightly crazed mum to two small people. A freelance writer, she blogs at both and She is very professional on one site, and leaves pants lying about on the other one. KiddyCharts offers parenting advice, and personalised charts, with Stickers, Stars and Smiles a lot more personal. Which one do you think is messier?

I am flying in to Tired Mummy of Two’s blog to share something with her readers, something that I hope that you will be as excited about as I am.

And no, Harry Styles isn’t in my house…

My KiddyCharts blog provides a few charts for people, like me, who struggled a wee bit with keeping their deranged toddlers under control. We offer different types of photo charts for kids, anything from potty training to other sticker-based charts for toddlers. Our track-based reward charts are dead popular, so because I am a creative type, I have put together a rather spiffing version for Christmas as an advent calendar.

Behind each window is a new giveaway, every….single….day. We have already had some uber prizes including personalised Micro Scooters and vouchers to spend on websites such as Experience Days, and Truprint.

Don’t worry though, the first giveaway won’t close until Sunday 8th December, so you still have time to enter.

We have so many different brands participating, I can’t write them all here, otherwise Tired Mummy of Two would get a bit cross with me. Prize value is over £1,800; and might just rise a little more as we do have the odd day left. *prays for over £2,000*

Clearly, I would like some of TMOT’s readers to have a chance to win too, so why not sign up to our mailing list on the Kiddy Charts website, so you know when new the new giveaways go live. Visit the site now and see what you have missed out on. Last one there smells of old socks *or something like that.*