Funky Fathers Day Gifts

When it comes to Fathers Day gifts the girls always want to by Gaming Daddy of Two lots of random items and I am sure half the time it is because they want them themselves. Today’s Gift guide is to celebrate the geeky, quirky or slightly odd gifts that we think would be perfect for Dads.
First up is this fabulous Thunderbirds glasses repair kit. It comes in a small tin with lens cleaner solution, a cleaning cloth and a fantastic keyring tool which contains screwdrivers and a wrench. It’s geeky, quirky and with the new Thunderbirds film coming soon I know this will be popular. 
If the man in your life has a beard then this is the perfect gift. Everything a thirsty beard will need, a comb to stay neat and a bottle opener to stay refreshed.

The Man Gun Bear Beard Comb & bottle opener is a fantastic well packaged gift and it even fits in a wallet. Each beard comb bottle opener is engraved with the Man Gun Bear Logo and the wording ‘My beard needs beer’. I don’t even have a beard, but I wouldn’t mind having one of these in my purse. I may get some funny looks though!

The TabletTV device is Elizabeth’s favourite item for Gaming Daddy of Two but I am pretty sure that is because she wants to use his tablet to watch Freeview TV channels wherever we go. This handy portable device costs £69.99 and doesn’t use 3G, 4G or Wifi. In fact, all you need is a TV signal and the free TabletTV app and then this device gives you Freeview TV channels anytime, anyplace and for free. To make life even better, you can even record live TV and watch it later which is ideal for car journeys or flights where you may not get a steady tv signal. I will be reviewing this in detail in a few weeks after we see exactly how good it is.
Nothing says Fathers Day like a new Tshirt and this Daddy Pig Dad Dancing t-shirt from George at Asda is the perfect present. We all know that Dads are rubbish at dancing so why not give them a t-shirt to prove it.
These Look-Alite lamps are fabulous and come in a range of styles including Batman and a Storm Trooper. The gentle bulb creates perfect mood lighting and as it is powered by either batteries or micro USB it is really portable too. This Superman Look-Alite is Alison’s favourite present idea for Gaming Daddy of Two.
If you are looking for something even more unusual then Das Horn might be just what you are looking for. A drinking vessel in the shape of a horn that comes with a stand and a neck strap. Feel like a viking and enjoy the amber liquid from this amazing chalice.
For those who love to make their Dads a father’s day gift these fantastic Make-a-bar chocolate factory kits from Re:creation has everything you need to create one fairly large chocolate bar. You can use the included templates, download some or even make your own making this a really great way of creating a personalised gift.
Chocolate, Chocolate and more Chocolate. You really can’t go wrong when you buy Dad chocolate and this Love Chocolate hamper has so much he might even share. Available from Blossoming Gifts and with a fabulous 20% off hampers and wines with discount code DAD20 you can’t go wrong!  
If you are looking for something for the home then I have completely fallen in love with this Bridgestone Tyre Mirror. It’s made from a recycled Bridgestone racing tyre and has been turned into a fabulous mirror that would be great in a man cave or even in my ensuite! They are currently on sale so its definitely worth checking them out.
For the big kids out there you really can’t go far wrong with a Micro Suspension Scooter. These scooters are great for the school run, the office commute or even just to keep up with the kids on the way to the park and the added suspension makes for a smoother ride which is great on those old joints!
Some Dads prefer to receive something practical, but it is always good to remember that practical doesn’t have to be boring. Available as Superman or Batman these superhero super soft Robes will make any super dad relax and as they are half price in Argos at the moment you can save some pennies too.
There are not many Dads I know who wouldn’t enjoy a good set of Lego and with the release of Jurassic World last week these sets have come at the perfect time. With sets to suit most budgets its important to remember that Lego is not just for kids.
If Dad is always travelling the why not go in style with this fabulous cabin sized hard case from American Tourister. This Star Wars theme is fantastic, but there are other designs available too.

As well as thinking about gifts for Fathers Day The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve wants people to think about all of the qualities that Dads pass on to help make us who we are. The #CheersDad video below highlights these qualities and makes you think about what your dad’s legacy is to you.