From bad to worse

Today I should be enjoying having both of my kids at home, I mean the teachers are on strike and we had lots of plans to make the most of it.

life however never goes as one expects. We started out in a bad way this morning when we found that some thieving little ****** had broken into our back garden, cut through the padlock and proceeded to steal one of our two bikes that were chained together. To make matters worse they stole the bike with the girls trailer attached to it.

We don’t think that they actually wanted the trailer. Oh no they used the trailer as a means to steal other items from the garden including the girls scooters and a new v-striker scooter that I was sent to review. I believe that this means it was just one person. If there had been more than that then they would have taken the other bike too as they were chained together. What makes it worse is we have only had the bikes two months as I got them for my birthday.

So our day was starting off in a bad way, police were called, not much can be done and we are not expecting to get our things back.

Then Elizabeth had a temperature. 39 degrees. Great.

Into the hospital we went, bloods were taken, neutrophils measured and bad news delivered. We have been admitted for 48 hours. now that is good timing. If everything goes to plan we will be getting out at lunch time on Saturday.

Six hours before her birthday party.

I wont have time to cook anything, make it look good or even get changed!

I am sitting down doing my food shopping online for delivery that morning and if its not in stock it wont be at the party. I won’t let it get in the way though. We will be there and we will have a good time no matter what.

Unfortunately I will be sleeping in the cupboard again tonight but at least I might get some work done in here and catch up on the last two weeks of posts that are buzzing around in my he