Four fantastic Fathers Day gift ideas

With just over a month until Fathers Day it is time to get thinking about what to buy for the men in our lives. Fathers day is always a tricky one as I find men notoriously hard to buy for and unless I am willing to buy Gaming Daddy of Two a new video game he doesn’t really give me many hints. I decided to think about things that most men like best and that seems to be drinking, smoking, watching tv and being a bit geeky.



Beer 52 is a mystery box of craft beer and ales sent to your door every month. Costing £27.99 for 8 beers, a magazine and a snack they promise to bring you beers from microbreweries around the country and looking at their instagram feed it loosk like the recipients are all pretty happy with what they are getting. Check out this groupon to get your first box of 10 for just £11.



Smoking cigarettes is so uncool nowadays and everyone seems to be upgrading to e-cigs. There are loads of different starter kits that you can buy that can make a great looking gift.

Watching TV


If you are fed up of being mad to watch the football or dads old DIY programmes then the best gift you can give is the chance to watch more than just what is currently on tv. Getting a Netflix gift card opens up a whole world of possibilities whether it is to finally watch all of Games of Thrones or to see some good old 80’s film classics. Netflix really has something for all generations and as you can use Netflix on most tvs via Chromecast, apple tv or Amazon Fire stick or through one of the many consoles people own now it is a gift that is suitable for anyone.

A Bit Geeky

Something I have only recently become aware of is the awesomeness that are Mystery Geek Boxes. There are quite a few based in the states but My Geek Box is a UK based box company and each month they send a box of themed geeky gifts. I am eagerly awaiting our first box which should be coming soon and 
I am really excited to have a look inside. Each box comes with a geeky tshirt (you get to choose which size and whether you want it fitted or loose) as well as an array of items that will appeal to the inner geek including the occasional Funko Pop. In fact the June box has an exclusive Funko Pop that you wont be able to get anywhere else!
So there you go four fabulous gifts that would be perfect for Fathers Day.