Forgotten Fathers – The big kids

We all know that men can be big kids at times so why not give him a gift that he will really enjoy playing with.


Foam Fighters from AppGear

Foam planes that attach to an Iphone, Ipad, Ipod touch or android smartphone and using the app they can take part in the greatest dogfights in history!

Available from Characters Online for £9.99


Desktop swingball

A smaller version of the classic game this is suitable for beating stress in the office or even for playing at home on a rainy day. Bring back dads childhood with this great little set.

Available from Amazon for £9.59


Lush Fathers day gift set

Nothing screams being a kid than splashing around in the bath so make the man in your life smell gorgeous with this little gift set.

Available from Lush for £12.95

Is the dad in your life is more of a Family fun man or maybe he enjoys homemade gifts? Or is he a bit more refined? Check out my other gift lists for more ideas.