Our very first Ballet #FDMiniCritic

We love trying new things and experiencing new experiences so when we were invited by First Direct, to our very first ballet show we decided to give it a go. The show we were invited to was Goldilocks and the Three Bears at the Northern Ballet in Leeds. The show lasted around 40 minutes and was a great introduction to ballet.


First Direct invited us so that the girls could act as mini-critics to give their opinions on their first Ballet and what they liked and disliked. To get the girls in the mood for their important job they sent us a selection of items to host our very own Teddy Bears picnic along with some brilliant personalised items such as some engraved spoons for eating their porridge and some personalised notebooks to help them record their thoughts inside.


The girls absolutely loved watching the ballet and finding out more about the stage props and how they worked. When asked what they thought about the ballet the girls gave the following responses.

Elizabeth – It was very weird watching a show with no words but I enjoyed it once I had got used to it. I liked the fact that each of the characters had their own dance and music and I found Baby Bear to be very funny. I also really liked the fox. The funniest bit was when Goldilocks couldn’t get baby bears bed out but I don’t think that was supposed to happen.

Alison – I am not a big fan of dancing or ballet so I didn’t want to go but I really enjyed it once it got started. Although it didnt follow the normal Golidlocks story I really liked the new twists and I liked to imagine what the characters were saying to each other. It was amazing that the story was easy to follow even without any words.

We had a brilliant time at our very first ballet and we would definitely look at going to another one.


You can find out more about where The Goldilocks and the Three bears ballet show is touring on the following website https://northernballet.com/goldilocks-and-the-three-bears