Sometimes I really wonder what is going on in my head.

I love this time of year the shops are brimming with toys and gifts at a quarter of the price they were a month ago. Every one has gone back to work and I get the chance to wander the sales in peace and quiet. Well I have Elizabeth with me so not really peaceful or quiet for that matter but I can fit the pushchair down the aisle of the shops without bashing into anyone and hubby gets paid early from work in January so it is a great time to grab some birthday presents for the million and one nieces and nephews I have.

I managed to get some great bargains for Adults and kids alike and I even grabbed a few bits for my girls for their birthdays later on in the year. However I didn’t really think this through. The next time I am due down south is at the end of March and there is 6 birthdays and Mothers day between now and then.

How am I supposed to get all the presents down there without it costing me an arm and a leg? I am frustrated by my own idiocy. Saving a few pounds on a present doesn’t really matter if it costs me a fortune to pay to get them delivered.

I looked around and found that ParcelForce were quite good if I could get all of the presents in one large parcel and send it to my mums. I am sure I have a box big enough, well I hope I do anyway.

 I have learnt my lesson though and will more than likely go back to doing all my birthday present shopping on Amazon, that way I can get it shipped straight to the birthday girl or boy with no fuss. Ok it won’t be wrapped but they still have to open the box.

It won’t be as much fun as searching for a bargain in the sales though but I have enough northern family to do that for.