Fed up with the wheelchair

This time last year we were watching Elizabeth struggle to move around the house with her walking frame. Watching her tiny ankles slowly put on weight and seeing the strength come back into her legs. She had a large Maclaren pushchair that she used to get around and we had started to venture forth from our house.

Earlier this year Elizabeth’s pushchair was swapped for a small wheelchair as her legs were getting too long. She was becoming uncomfortable in the pushchair but still needed some form of transport.


The wheelchair changed everything. Yes she could sit comfortably but it is horrible to push and we keep catching our feet on it. It takes up too much room in the car and house and it doesn’t fold very small. The problem though is that the wheelchair didn’t just change our comfort levels.

The wheelchair changed peoples perceptions. From a few casual glances at her short hair to full blown staring. The comments and whispers behind our back about what is wrong with our child.

She had a great time in it at Disneyland Paris meeting all the characters but I suppose there was enough there to distract her from the looks we were getting. 

The looks at her hair never really bothered her but the looks at her wheelchair seem too. Rather than take it out she will struggle to walk further ending up with us carrying her because she doesn’t want to be seen in her wheelchair. She doesn’t want the looks, the whispers and the pity.

I have asked the hospital about any other options but unfortunately they do not provide larger chairs that do not look like wheelchairs. This means that our only other option would be to buy one ourselves. I found the special tomato eio pushchair from UKS Mobility but it is just so expensive. I would love to be able to give her a large pushchair that can take her weight, look like a normal pushchair and recline for when she is tired.

I would love to have her feel comfortable and happy using a mobility aid without the stigma that comes with a wheelchair. In fact I would just love for people to mind their own business and let my beautiful daughter live her life in any way that she needs too. She has had a hard enough time putting up with all this without some judgmental people making her feel bad about herself.

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