Fathers Day gifts you can order online

Ok, so Fathers Day this year isn’t going to be the best and with non-essential shops only opening a few days beforehand none of us wants to be heading out to get a present. This post puts together some amazing Fathers Day presents that you can order from the comfort of your sofa and get delivered to his door. All of these items were sent to me for inclusion in this post but I picked which ones I wished to receive.

Fathers Day gifts for at home

Choosing a gift for the home means that your recipient will think of you every time they use it. Practical presents don’t have to be boring with these great selections.

CellarDine produce so many amazing bar and accessories that it could be difficult to choose but the Zap Cap Premium bottle opener not only looks great but is very satisfying to use. Also available in stainless steel and plastic.

If you are buying a gift for a foodie then a brand new Procook Carbon Steel wok will be well received. It is lightweight and has a stick resistant coating that makes tossing food really easy.

Do they have love to get creative? Always doing odd jobs and looking for things to fix? Introduce them to Sugru with the create and craft set. Sugru is a mouldable glue that is perfect for fixing cables, creating cable holders, stick things on the wall and loads more. Check out the Sugru site for inspiration.

Fathers Day gifts for out and about

We are all desperate to get out and about and these great gifts will make doing that all the easier.

As soon as I saw this I knew I had to have one. The Hygiene Hand is made of brass which is naturally antimicrobial. It works on touch screens such as cash machines, can press buttons and even open door handles. The first time I took this out with me I was amazed at how little I had to touch things. After socially distancing my way round a supermarket only to get to the checkout and have to touch the card machine the Hygiene Hand definitely came in handy and everyone who saw it wanted to know more about it. This is one gift that may seem a little unusual but once embraced it is the perfect item for the current situation.

Klean Kanteen make some amazing drink bottles and accessories that are perfect for people who love getting out and about. This 20oz insulated classic bottle keeps drinks hot for 20 hours and cold for 50 hours which is perfect no matter what you are doing. You can also get a variety of caps so that you can use the one most suited to your activity.

If you want a Klean Kanteen that is special then take a look at the limited edition No1 Dad TKWide 12oz. The TKWide Klean Kanteen keeps drinks hot for 11 hours and cold for 38 hours.

If you are looking for accessories to accompany the Klean Kanteen, I would definitely recommend the Chicobag bottle sling. Perfect for taking your bottle out without the need for a backpack or other bag. Made from 50% recycled PET plastic this makes a great gift. The bottle sling can be packed away within itself and has a carabiner clip to make it easy to

Fathers Day Food and Drink gifts

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach or so they say and these gifts will certainly make someone happy.

I fell in love with Mermaid Gin when I was sent a bottle of the pink gin for Mothers Day but this bottle is one of the tastiest gins I have tried. Mermaid Gin has a peppery note thanks to the rock samphire used in the distilling process. It is very different to other gins I have tried but smooth and full of flavour. The bottle is also absolutely stunning and makes a great gift.

Are you looking for a fun gift that is really Manly? I love these gift ideas from The Manly Man Company. A bouquet of flowers made out of beef jerky, A meat card with your message printed on the jerky, they even have bacon scented wrapping paper! I don’t know about you but I would be happy to receive these as gifts so maybe they are not just for men.

Are you wanting to buy a gift for a beer-drinking football fan? These cute Football edition beer chillers come in a 4 pack from CellarDine for £9.99

If you are looking for a delicious sweet treat that is vegan, gluten free or just absolutely amazing. Look no further than the Mummy Meagz sea salt & cinder toffee Rocky Road bars (or their other products). The packaging looks stylish, the bars are stunning and they are available from Holland and Barrett.

For a really indulgent gift for those with a sweet tooth take a look at the Cadbury Direct Fathers Day gifts and hampers. They have selections for most budgets and they look great.

Fathers Day Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are a great way of showing someone you care whilst also giving them the freedom to choose something for themselves.

We love buying fun experiences as gifts and Fathers Day is no exception. Buyagift have added free extensions to all of their vouchers and all gift boxes are valid for 24 months. Give a gift of something to look forward to with meals, racing days, short breaks and exhilarating activities. The hardest thing will be choosing what to do. If you want to give them a choice then choose one of the Smartboxes which make a great gift to unwrap and the flexibility to choose.

Buying clothes is something that I have always been a little bit useless at but it is something that people always need. My husband hardly ever buys himself new clothes so a gift voucher for Mainline Menswear is perfect for him as it means he actually has to choose something for him. He normally lives in jeans but was really happy to find these Columbia Jogging bottoms which make for comfortable wearing whilst working from home.

If you are worried about getting a gift card that they might not be able to use then take a look at a VEX gift card. The VEX Your choice gift cards can be exchanged for around 80 gift cards, gift vouchers or gift experiences.

Fathers Day gifts to keep you clean

Giving toiletries as a Fathers day gift can really hit the spot when you find the perfect products.

Ok, so no one wants to think about their Dad having sweaty balls but its pretty much a fact of life. The Below the Belt Grooming range produces a range of products that help keep balls fresh even after a trip to the gym.

Soap has become a bit of a hot commodity recently but the Bronnley Regency Collection is not just any old soap. These luxury soaps have a beautiful lemon and create a rich lather that leaves you feeling clean and smelling great. The Regency collection come in a range of sizes but all packaged in stunning blue and gold boxes that really add a sense of class to the gift.

If you are looking for a truly stunning gift that will really make an impact on arrival then choose a gift box from Arran Sense of Scotland. The beautiful purple boxes really add an extra element to the gift and you can choose what items to include. The Lochranza range is fragranced with Patchouli & Anise and looks great with a fake wood style to the packaging. There are so many products to choose from you can find the perfect items for your recipient. I am personally a big fan of the soap tin which is perfect for travelling