Family friendly cars for summer

All mums know what summer means. Not sunny days, beach bikinis and copious amounts of cold drinks and ice cream. Summer means juggling childcare, finding interesting activities and forking out for day trips and family holidays. No matter what your parenting approach is or how different your kids may be, mums all over will unite when we say that summer is stressful. But don’t pull your hair out just yet! With proper planning, the right help and some nifty technology to hand, you’ll be able to handle summer pretty swiftly. For all your ‘karting-your-kids-around’ needs, you should have a trusty vehicle. Here are some top models that will make zooming around so much easier this summer.

Nissan Qashqai

This year Nissan turned the conventional family car concept on its head and re-kitted a mini-SUV to make it not only comfy, but gorgeous looking too. With a high driving position, it gives a clear and reassuring view of the road, has brilliant interior design features and also keeps practicality in mind. There are many different specifications depending on your family size and lifestyle. For example, the Qashqai n-tec has sat-nav and 18-inch alloys, while the top-spec Tekna gets leather, heated seats, xenons and a glass roof. There’s a bonus too; because the Qashqai has been such a hit, you can find loads on the used market for really great prices.

Volkswagen Golf TDI

The VW Golf, in all its versions, has been popular with small families for many years. It’s a model that’s renowned for tons of space, great handling as well as comfort, style and ease. Although the Golf TDI is the newest this year, it’s actually quite affordable and has an appealing fuel economy. Perfect for popping for the weekly shop or going on long trips and visits, the Gold TDI has a great amount of space for luggage, pushchairs, snacks or whatever your kids decide to chuck in there! No wonder it was the most searched for car on AA Cars last year and also bagged the title of Used Car of the Year by ‘What Car?’

Skoda Rapid Spaceback

Although it has received mixed reviews based on value and price, if you’re looking for a spacious family hatchback with great design, then the Skoda Rapid Spaceback is a great option. With five doors, the back of the car is immensely spacious for kids – perfect for long drives and it actually has more boot space than the VW Golf.

Honda Odyssey

Speaking of space, the Honda Odyssey is probably the best choice for practical parents with large families. Bundle all the kids in with ease and newer models even have an optional DVD package to keep them entertained. As well as having plenty of room with two rows of bucket seats and a third row bench, it also has great fuel economy and was one of IIHS’ Top Safety Picks for 2014.

So don’t be tempted to stay inside and let the kids get addicted to TV and video games this summer, take them out for fantastic trips and it will be all worth the hassle when you see their big smiling faces after having a fun day.