Epic Baking Hacks for the Simplistic Bakers

Looking for some awesome ideas on taking your baking to the next level? That’s lucky, as you’ve stumbled upon a treasure of epic baking hacks. Hopefully, these little gems will sparkle up your most simple bakes and add a taste of sophistication.

Get your baking cap on and give this a scan through to find your personal treasure within a list of golds.

Ruby Sprinkled Ice Tray Chocolates

This one isn’t exactly a baking hack, but more of a freezer hack, but it’s worth mentioning. We’ve all heard of using ice trays for freezing things other than water, but have you heard of this awesome idea?

Tip Hero have blessed us with this simple yet genius hack of pouring melted chocolate and pomegranate seeds into an ice tray. Creating the classic strawberry and chocolate bites, with a more exotic ingredient.

Pomegranate seeds are nothing short of delicious. As for chocolate, I don’t think we need to mention how scrumptious it is.

We don’t know about you, but this hack is one that we will be trying on more than one occasion.

Crystal Clear Acrylic Ganache Plates

Next up is a beautifully basic, clever tool known as the Clear Acrylic Ganache Plates. These stunningly simplistic plates are perfect for spreading the smoothest, softest, levelled ganache, icing, butter cream or frosting.

Simply Plastics supply these plates in many different sizes, if you are interested in purchasing one.

The Mighty Floss Sword

This one is a tad on the unusual side, but it works and it is pretty epic once you test it out. Slicing you’re freshly made cheese cake with unflavoured (unless you want a slight minty fresh taste to your slice) dental floss.

Just make sure to pull the floss tight and taut when you slice your cheese cake.

Hiding Sweet Gems in a Stacked Sponge Cake

Such an easy hack, but not many have the pleasure to know how to create such a masterpiece. All you need to do is slice a huge hole punch out of your stacked sponge cake and pour your preferred sweets into the gaping hole.

Once you have done this, place another level of sponge cake over the top to cover up your treasure chest of m&m’s or sweets.

Bonus tip – coat the inside of the hole with chocolate buttercream or ganache to add an extra scrumptious surprise.

Let us Know Your Easy, Epic Baking Hacks

We would be forever grateful (more accurately our tummies would be) if you shared with us your delicious baking hacks. We hope this post has fired up your cravings and inspired your inner baker.