Elves Behavin Badly – Will you give a home to an elf this Christmas?

Last year I finally gave in to the Elf phenomenon and took part in the December craze that sees parents up and down the country rush around the house to set their elf up at 6am in the morning because they forgot the night before. This year I am working with Elves Behavin Badly to get my girls to teach these naughty elves how to be good.

I have been sent a selection of the Elves Behavin badly products to use but there are so many more available and if you run out of ideas then you could always check out their facebook page for ideas.

The best item that I have been sent is the Elf Magic Message Board. Such a simple item that will make our Elf adventures so much easier as they can leave messages for my girls.

We were sent two different varieties of Elves Behaving badly. The one pictured above is a plush yet the one below has bendable arms and legs which makes it the perfect elf for getting up to mischief.

We received an Elf sleigh as well but I think that the elves are a bit big for it so I will have to find something else to do with it. Maybe filling it full of chocolates for me to eat whilst working.

The bendable elves behavin badly have wire in their arms and legs so are able to be posed and they even have velcro in their hands so that they can hold on to things. I know that our elves will be getting up to all sorts of mischief during December and being able to move their limbs in this way will definitely help to make the mischief more fun and realistic.

Depending on how badly behaved you want your elf to be there are lots of ideas out there such as messing about with toothpaste, getting caught up in cellotape or creating elf angels in the flour. My elf decided to steal the batteries from the remote control when I wasn’t watching.

You can use some of the Elves Behavin Badly products as special treats for good behaviour. The Paint your own elf is a good example of this but there are lots more that you can get.

The best thing about these elves is that you can blame them for eating all the chocolates after you have a late night binge.

Why not check out the Elves Behavin Badly instagram for more ideas and during december check out the hashtag #ElvesBehavinBadly where I will be sharing some of the fun things we get up to with out elves.

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