Elizabeth is having a party

Every year my girls have at least two birthday parties. The joy of having family down south as well as up here in Manchester I suppose.

A few weeks ago we held Elizabeth’s southern party at Build a bear workshop, that is a whole other post as it did not go as well as I would have hoped. This Saturday is her Northern party and it is going to be a big one. She has had a rough year and we felt the need to treat her like a princess.

Her party is a bit of a miss mash when it comes to a theme though. She just could not decide on what she wanted most. She was very definite on the Fancy Dress element and she definitely wanted a Moshi Monster Birthday cake but she wanted to go dressed as a princess and not in her Poppet outfit.

As a parent I hate it when the girls get invited to a party with a very set theme. It is so hard to convince them to wear anything other than what they want to at the best of times so telling Alison she needs to be a princess or having to go an buy a costume because the theme is vikings is just an extra hassle. So we decided to just have a Fancy Dress theme.

One of the most popular themes I see on the boys is superheroes and so Alison was asking me to have a look to see what I could find for her. I was really impressed with how up to date some of the online retailers are and I was pleasantly surprised to see the Man of Steel costume available in their kids fancy dress section. 


Man(Boy) of Steel Fancy Dress Costume

The problem with not having a very set theme is that it becomes hard to think about the decorations. One of my favourite bloggers The Boy and Me recently held her sons fourth birthday party. She did a pirate theme and i was very jealous of the amount of detail and effort she went into. I know that unless I can buy it in a shop it just isnt happening (I haven’t got a crafty bone in my body). I love the Pirate Bunting she made. She even put up a how to guide on it too.

How to Make Pirate Bunting

Decoration and clothing is all well and good but what gets me every time is the food. I really wanted to do a Moshi Monster themed party (maybe Alison will let me) so I can make blocks of Green and Toad Soda as well as lots of other disgusting sounding treats. Someone who does themed food really well is Domestic Goddess. She has had back to school parties and Pumpkin parties but my favourite one is her Rainbow themed party. The thought that went into the food was amazing and yet the food was simple to prepare and something the kids would enjoy.

Rainbow Platters All Around

No matter what your theme there is always something to help on Pinterest and this collaboration Kids Party Ideas Board made by some of my fellow bloggers almost got my fingers twitching to do something creative.

I am really looking forward to Elizabeth’s party now and this post has not only inspired me to be a bit more adventurous with the food but also given me the money to splash out a bit on the decorations.


Man of Steel image from Fancy Dress Ball
Pirate Bunting image from The Boy and Me
Fruit Platter image from Domestic Goddess