Eight years ago today! Happy Anniversary.

I can’t believe that eight years ago today I was dripping bloody down my face and applying my fake bruises to my face in preparation for getting married. I also can’t believe that my long suffering husband has put up with me all this time.

It isn’t often that I talk about all the things that my husband does for us or show him that I do appreciate him so seen as it is our anniversary I thought that now was the ideal time. To be fair without him the house would be a complete mess and the girls would be going to school in dirty crinkled clothes. He works overtime and on call to earn extra money that means I can keep working from home and although he gets annoyed with how much mess we all make he still clears it up afterwards. He always pushes the kids higher on the swings than I feel comfortable with and happily takes them out to the house at a weekend when I need some time to work. Sometimes it feels like I have three kids instead of two but that only irritates me a little bit and the good bits definitely outweigh the bad.

It has been a busy eight years and things have changed a lot. We have been through lots of ups and downs and our kids have certainly grown up over the last eight years into independent caring young ladies that make us proud. It is crazy to look back at what our life was like eight years ago and compare it to now. We have both changed careers to fit around our lives and we are definitely never bored.

These last eight years have been awesome and here is to many more to come.

If you want to check out a little bit of our wedding you can do so here



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