Easy Wardrobe Solutions for Kids

If you’re a tired mum of kids, especially more than one, you know what a headache their clothes can be. The cost of the clothes alone is enough to make you want to shop second hand, but the time it takes to do laundry is pretty discouraging.

Simplifying your children’s wardrobes will help reduce laundry costs and help you and your child worry less about what they wear. When he has too many options, not only did you empty your pocketbooks to provide those close, but he’ll be way too overwhelmed to pick anything.

Mornings go a lot smoother if you focus on kids clothes in neutral colours. That way everything matches, you can coordinate things easily and their closet will be a lot easier to navigate. They can get themselves dressed and you can mix and match on a budget.

A graphic tee or cool images is fine every now and then, but everyday kids clothes get beat up and worn out. There’s no sense in wearing something nice every day. Simple pieces are your key to making their outfits last.

Stock up on kids clothes to make your life easier. When your kids are comfortable and stylish, they’ll have the confidence they need, and you can’t put a price on that. Don’t waste your money on fancy things when all your child wants is to play.

The key is balancing nice clothes with play clothes. Dress up jeans with collared shirts and polos if you’re going somewhere nice, like school or church. Play is an important part of every child’s day, so you shouldn’t discourage that. Just buy kids clothes that suit both purposes.

Focus on durable clothing that can be washed easily, like denim and cotton. It’s flexible enough for play, it doesn’t wrinkle easily, and they’re affordable enough to replace often if your child plays a little too rough.

Layering is also a good tip for keeping a versatile child’s wardrobe because it stretches their clothing farther, they can wear items more than once before washing, and these types of fabrics are easy to throw in the washer on a quick cycle.

Simplify your kid’s clothes and your life by focusing on durable, affordable materials in neutral colours so your child can get themselves dressed easily in the morning and you’ll save time and money on clothes and laundry.