On 26th December 2012 the shops were not going mad stacking shelves ready for the January sales instead they were stacking up the Easter eggs.

I have always loved a good Easter egg but I can’t see why they have to be on display so early, especially when I am on a diet.. I have 12 nieces and nephews, 1 little brother and my own two kids. That is 15 Easter eggs in total. I normally by the 3 for £5 or Buy 2 get 1 free but today I saw buy 2 get 2 free. This however leaves me with a dilemma. You see there is a spare egg and I now have to use all my will power not to eat it.

I was thinking that wouldn’t it be better if we used our imaginations more, actually thought what Easter was about. Whether you are religious or not Easter is about a time of growing, birth and spring. Baby lambs will soon be dotting the hillside, baby rabbits hopping along in the grass and the flowers pushing their way up through the soil.

I was sent some great Easter presents that I want to share with you. Most of them our going into the Hospital so I can help spread some Easter cheer on the ward but some of them got swiped pretty quickly by the girls.


Shoulder Buddies – Princess

The first thing to disappear from the Easter stack of toys was one of the latest Shoulder Buddies. Elizabeth loves Shoulder Buddies and Princess will be joining the other two that she owns.

A really simple idea but one that will be loved by children of all ages. RRP £4.99 and they come in all sorts of colours


Ravensburger – Rabbit puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are always a winner and this one is big enough for the whole family to get involved in.

A great family activity with all the quality of Ravensburger. RRP £7.99


Sylvanian families – Sheep family

Sylvanian families will always be a winner with fabulous quality dolls and amazing attention to detail. This sheep family is extremely cute and perfect for spring time. RRP £15.99


Schleich -  Rabbits

Schleich make fabulous creations and this is no exception. A perfect spring time gift of superb quality showing three little bunnies eating their snack. RRP £2.89


Nici – Jolly Logan Sheep

From a wide range of Jolly Logan sheep we were sent bedtime Logan. Alison loved him and quickly snatched him away. He was super soft and twice as cuddly. A fabulous gift for small children. RRP £6.99


Angry Birds – Star Wars

I am not sure why Angry birds is part of Easter and to be honest this did not go down well with my girls but then it doesnt do anything and after all they are girls. I am sure there will be kids out there who would love it though. RRP £5.99

We received all the products above for the purpose of this article. I have donated most of them to Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital