Easter Eggs or Easter presents?

Last year my kids got far too much chocolate for easter, they were just 2 and 1 and they had so many eggs it was ridiculous and we even bought them one each so this year I am looking at alternative gifts.

The cheapest of these being a great value personalised E-story from itsyourstory.co.uk just 99p for the Supersox story and Alison loves hers.

So here are some gifts for under £5

Elizabeth loves the Shoulder Buddy that she was sent so that would definitely be her choice.
If you wanted to spend a bit more you can find these gifts for under £10
For god parents, grand parents or any of the other relatives who tend to spoil our kids there is the under £20 category. I have been very selective here and believe that true quality is worth paying for so my recommendations are the Pillow Pet by Mookie Toys or a family set from Sylvanian Families.
These products were all selected from the brands we love to work with.