Dreading the dentist

I really hate the dentist. I always have but being a Mum you can’t show your kids that you have the fear. This is why I always book myself a check up at the same time that I book the girls. That way I cant back out.

We all went for a check up yesterday.

Did I tell you I hate the dentist?

Well the girls have perfect teeth and gums, woohoo go girls!

I don’t. I have always had an issue with tartar build up underneath my gum line. Its something to do with the way my teeth are because they are not straight so there are gaps in my gums. Either way it means having it all scraped out. Something that I dread every time.

Did I mention I hate the dentist?

It is not even as though the scraping hurts that much, what I have is an irrational fear. I know that, you know that but try telling my brain that.

When I was younger I had to go under a general to have my four wisdom teeth removed. This was after my dentist at the time tried to do it himself. I was not impressed.

Anyway I am booked to go back to the dentist tomorrow. I am trying not to think about it and trying not to think about the fact I am a complete and utter wimp. Tomorrow Elizabeth has a lumbar puncture, I told her that this morning and she was happy about it. Happy! My five year old daughter puts me to shame with her braveness and I am scared of a dentist?

I suppose I had better just do it and hope for the best.


Even Alison isn’t bothered by the dentist