Dragon Daughter!

It is not often that I write about Real life anymore, I don’t mean I make it up its just that the everyday stuff of temper tantrums and other kid-isms just don’t seem to impact that highly on our days.

Mind you it isn’t often I have to put the kids to bed as this is one of Hubby’s many jobs. Tonight however he is at football which means I have been left with the task of putting my darling daughters into their sleeping chambers for the beauty sleep they require. Yeah right it has been more like locking the dragon in the dungeon where she can scratch at the walls and bang the bars until she fall into a fitful sleep or on my case doesn’t fall into a sleep and can still be heard talking to herself in her room as I type this.

Alison however is sleeping peacefully blissfully unaware of the monstrocity that has taken her sisters place for the evening.

What started as a simple bedtime routine soon fell into disarray when I made the dreadful flaw of giving them different coloured towels. I know rooky mistake but it has been so long since I handled this sort of thing alone and usually when I have to do it I forgo the bath and a quick story then bed does the trick. Tonight however we had an incident with sherbet and hair and ears and well pretty much everywhere so there was no getting away from the need for a full wash, hair included.

After the melt down about the towels each child was sent to their respective bedrooms to put on their pyjamas. Queue transformation from princess to pest, I mean really how much pampering has Hubby done when my five year old daughter refuses to put on her own nightdress without help? Alison put on her pyjamas climbed into bed and after a quick hug and kiss she was snoring away having whispered I love you as I closed the door.

It was then that I pulled out the suit of armour, grabbed my shield and slowly made my way into the dragons den. Sat surrounded by non worn night clothes I slowly backed out extinguishing all light as I made my exit. The noise the dragon made was unbelievable but I was safe. I waited, it went a bit quieter, picking up my shield I once again ventured forth, the dragon had returned to its bed but was still unclothed, I withdrew once more waiting for the moment that the clothes be placed and the princess returned.

The dragon started to make a ferocious noise declaring to the surrounding soft toy audience that the mother would not be welcomed to do bedtime again, the mother would not be kissed or cuddled, that the mother would not receive any mothers day gifts. The dragon was no longer her mothers daughter or friend in fact the dragon even went so far as to say she wished she had never been born.

What a poor stubborn dragon, she will soon realise mother dragon has been around a lot longer and has had a lot more years at learning to be stubborn and is a lot better at it.

I wonder who long it will take?