Don’t let a holiday ruin your diet

Having received my one and a half stone award two days before I traveled to go on holiday I was determined to try not to ruin all my hard work.

The first few days were a struggle, a house party, eating out at Legoland and then brunch at Chessington I chose what good things I could and also gave into temptation a few times. Unfortunately the food just looked too good not to eat.

Having a dining plan at Butlins could mean that you give in to all the gorgeous food (and definitely the puddings) but luckily we were eating at The Deck. With its own grill bar for gammon, grilled chicken and vegetable kebabs (plus burgers) and its own pasta bar to choose your own ingredients I was able to make the majority of what I ate Slimming World friendly. The breakfasts were more of a problem but with freshly made omelettes with no cheese and lots of vegetables, bacon with no fat and a selection of fruit to choose from it was only the veggie sausages that tempted me into submission.

I didn’t have a single naughty pudding and I even avoided the pancakes at breakfast time which is usually one of the things I really enjoyed.

I haven’t weighed in properly yet but my scales are showing no major damage down so as long as I eat well over the next few days and manage to avoid all the easter eggs that are cluttering up my house I am sure I will be fine. Just 2 lb more and I will have lost 10% of my starting body weight since 16th January.

We have been on holiday to Butlins as a Butlins ambassador. We stayed in the Wave Hotel and ate in the Deck restaurant for free for four nights. This does not change our opinions in way and we also have 4 paid holidays to Butlins booked in 2013.