Don’t be Electricked – cheap is not always cheerful

We all know that the cost of living is having a huge impact on Christmas budgets so now is the time when people are searching the internet for a bargain. Unfortunately not all bargains are safe and often if they look to good to be true they are. There has been a huge spike in the sale of unsafe electrical devices on websites such as Amazon, Ebay and Wish. Many of these devices do not pass rigorous uk safety standards and can be dangerous.

Did you know that third party retailers such as Amazon, Ebay and Wish do not need to adhere to the same safety regulations as high street shops? As they are not the seller themselves they can not be held responsible for the quality of the items purchased which means that the electrical item you are buying could potentially shock you or even cause a fire. A lot of us trust sites like Amazon and tend to find the cheapest option on there when looking to buy something. From charging cables to vacuum cleaners, buying from an unknown seller could be putting your lives at risk and yet there is nothing that say that Amazon needs to ensure the item you are buying has passed UK safety regulations. That is why I am working with Electrical Safety First to raise awareness of their petition to make these third party retailers responsible. They want to change the law so that online marketplaces have to follow the same regulations as other uk retailers and ensure that the electrical goods on sale are safe for use in the uk and that any reported as unsafe are removed from sale within 24 hours. Sign the petition here

I know from personal experience that it is easy to go for one of the cheaper options, often with a brand name I have never heard of and that can end in disaster. My next door neighbours house caught on fire whilst charging a handheld vacuum cleaner. Luckily they were in and were able to get it under control quickly as it could have been much worse. Ever since then I have been more aware of the items I am buying, I rarely use a third party seller and prefer to buy from retailers that I trust. I have also taken a look around the house for electrical items that we have purchased in the past. I found a fan and an air purifier without the UK safety mark on them so I will be disposing of them safely.

Take the time to watch the below video, sign the petition and take a look around your house to help keep you and your family safe.