Doggie Doo is it a Doggie Do or Doggie Don’t

I was thinking about asking for one of these to review but then I thought that would I really be able to be completely objective about it, I mean I had such preconcieved ideas about this toy before I even laid hands on it.
The packaging is bright and colourful and well it shows a pooing dog so not really sure what else to say about that.
The contents are very bright and seem good enough quality, hang on, whats that? let me go for a closer look.
Yep its exactly as I thought a blank dice, seriously what 4 year old wants to wait for you to stick stickers on a dice – Negative point number one.
You have to make the correct size of treat to feed doggie – this is all before you even start the game – Negative point number two.

Negative point number three I would like to point out the quality of the “Dog Food” it is not playdoh or even plasticine but instead that really cheap almost gooey but not sticky stuff that doesnt actually mould into any sort of shape.

Negative point number four – The pump part of the handle fell off

Negative point number five – I fed Doggie Doo five times, he became constipated twice and had really bad wind on the other three times, not sure what I mean then check out this video and make sure the sound is on (Do not watch this whilst at work!)

By the time I had taken this video and the photos even Elizabeth 3 said this was rubbish, well that was £17.66 well spent. DOGGIE DOO IS DEFINITELY A DOGGIE DONT!!

Whoever decided this should be a top toy should be fired and they should get themselves some kids first.

That last comment may be a bit harsh and I apologise but this is a stupid thing to sell to children.

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