Does Homework Waste Time

One of the biggest challenges students have to deal with is doing their homework. Most students fall into depression, while others get stress because of assignments and some of them prefer to get help from homework writing services. Research conducted at Stanford among 4300 learners showed that 56% took the task as a source of pressure and stress. While the rest of the students experienced increase lack of sleep, weight loss, and anxiety.

After much discussion and consideration, ACS Egham has decided to do away with traditional assignments for learners between 4 to 11 years. The homework debate has taken place for a while in numerous countries, but they are checking different approaches. Since homework is such a big problem, the teaching team came together to find a solution that can be effective for all students. Some changes had to get made to make the whole process effective.

Traditional Homework

Traditional homework does not play a massive role in making a student improve in class. It assumes that each student is equal when it comes to maturity, the ability to think, and concentration. Henceforth, it is lazy and inaccurate. In life, people have different skills, and there’s no way people can be the same. This assignment can be stressful to students, mostly when they have to do challenging tasks independently. Students spend at least 7 hours in school trying to acquire knowledge, and any free time they get, they use it well to complete school work.

They don’t have much time to spend with families or take part in other extracurricular activities. There’s no way students can relax their minds if all the time they have to be either Reading or in class. Young learners shoulder spend their time after school to do other activities to refresh their minds. After looking into this matter seriously, we took a step and decided to do away with homework and replace it with a guided approach built on classwork and studying. Both parents and learners have to share so that the work can be useful and meaningful.

Personalized Approaches

Instead of giving assignments, ACS Egham educators share with guardians the topics students will learn for the next term to explore them at home. There are also extracurricular activities that students take, including art exhibitions or visiting the parks. Literacy skills and arithmetic gotten at home without students struggling to calculate sums and reading a lot. Parents can help their kids improve their mathematical skills by making them calculate grocery budgets and many more. Parents have to ensure that they take some time to read with their kids and should also make the process enjoyable so that they don’t get bored.

When the process is fun and exciting, students’ skills increase, which is required. All the opportunities allow learners to apply they are learning in various context. The reason why topics should get explored at home is basically to make native speakers have an easier time. They will have the time to improve their vocabulary and know the best way to use them. If students are having a tough time doing a specific task, parents should not hesitate to notify the educators to assist them and make them understand better.