Do you agree with the casting for fifty shades of grey?

PictureCharlie Hunnam 2010 by Gage Skidmore

I love books. I love building an idea of a character in my mind, using the authors descriptions to get my imagination going.

Like many books that turn into films there has been some controversy about the casting of the characters of the Fifty Shades of Grey series. Many readers had an idea of how Christian Grey should look and they will all be different.

Now the official casting has been confirmed and Charlie Hunnam has been given the role of Christian Grey social media is awash with outrage. This seems to always happen. Yet when the film has been watched you realise what the people doing the casting knew all along. Charlie is an actor, a few changes to his appearance like a shave and a bit of hair dye and he will make you believe in him.

It got me thinking about the description used in the book. When Ana (Dakota Johnson) first sees Mr Grey in his offices the author E L James gives us this description. 

So young – and attractive, very attractive. He’s tall, dressed in a fine gray suit, white shirt and black tie with unruly dark-copper-coloured hair and intense, bright gray eyes

I can definitely see the intense eyes and the way he looks through you into your soul.

Ok so he wouldn’t have been my first choice but a little bit of imagination and I can see me biting my lip to the films. Now I just need to work out who to go to the cinema with.

Who would you have chosen?