Did you #CelebrateTheNations with @tesco

With the Rugby world cup well under way Tesco challenged me to Celebrate the various nations that were taking part by coming with with a fabulous fusion meal using tastes from a variety of nations in one meal. As a bit of a fan of haggis I knew I had to incorporate that so I looked to bring together the other local nations into a meal that we could all enjoy. 
To go with the haggis (Scotland) I found some burgers (welsh), some Guinness sauce (Irish), Lancashire Oven Bottom muffins (England) and some brie (French).
I microwaved the Haggis to cook it according to the instructions on the packet and then mixed it with some chopped onion, fresh chilli, egg, breadcrumbs and some of the Guinness Sauce to bind it all together. 

I then formed this into pattys before cooking in a frying pan alongside the burgers. I then melted the brie on top of the burgers and placed in the Oven Botton Muffins with some lettuce, tomatoes, sliced pickles and more guinness sauce. I served this with some Sweet Potato wedges.

The burger was delicious and the fusion of flavours worked well together but next time I would replace the Brie with a different type of cheese such as a strong welsh cheddar or even goats cheese. I had a great time mixing the flavours and I am not the only one. Check out this video by Phil Vickery.