Design a Moshing 2013 Winners exhibition

Tuesday saw me drive down to London with Heather from Bury Family Life and the girls to attend the Design a Moshling exhibition.

A fantastic look at some of the brilliant entries to this years competition. Elizabeth has now shown interest in entering next year and already we are trying to think up some fantastic names. The entries were of a really high standard and I was amazed at the imaginations of some of the moshling designers.

We also loved the winner who will be available as a collectable moshling in series 10. Last years collectable moshling will be part of series 7.

Without further messing around I would like to announce that the winner of the Design a Moshling 2013 competition was . . .


You can collect Pinestein in your Moshling zoo using the following combination of seeds

Magic Beans – Yellow
Magic Beans – Purple
Love Berries – Purple