Creative creations with #AngelDelightMoments

I am not very good at creating recipes or in fact being creative at all which is why you wont find me doing crafts or showing off my culinary skills so when I agree to do something creative with Angel Delight I am not sure what came over me. I blame a mix of nostalgia and the temptation of the new bubblegum flavour for the distinct lack of brain cells I seemed to have had when I filled in the form to submit my interest.

For the last few weeks the pink box has sat in my kitchen taunting me, beckoning me to come up with something amazing, something no one else has done before and every day I failed.

I tried to create a cheesecake with a lovely biscuit base only to find that many others had the same idea.

angel delight cheesecake

Bubblegum Angel Delight Cheesecake

I tried to make a milkshake but made it too thick so it turned into “Animal Surprise” as some of the animal sweets started to drown in the thick mixture.

“Animal Surprise” or when the milkshake went wrong

Anyway after two failed attempts and another trip to the supermarket for more Angel Delight I had a brainwave.  I crushed up some cheap cupcakes we had leftover, I mixed up the angel delight with a small amount of water so it was really thick. I added a dollop to the cake crumbs and mixed until I could form four balls. I then dipped sticks in the angel delight and stuck them into the cake balls.

After chilling the balls in the fridge for 20 minutes I added a bit more milk to the angel delight to soften it again and mixed it all up.  I then dipped the cake balls into the angel delight, sprinkled with stars and put them back in the fridge to harden.

An hour later I removed them from the fridge and tried them and to my complete delight I had actually created something that worked, they looked ok and they tasted amazing. In fact Gaming Daddy of Two beat me to the last one and to stop me from wanting to share he stuck the whole thing in his mouth all at once!
I am really proud of myself that I managed to create something tasty and unusual with the angel delight and not only did I enjoy trying but the angel delight helped remind me of my childhood. I have now got a cupboard full of different flavours so I can introduce the girls to the joys of Angel Delight.

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