Creative Christmas presents

Christmas time is special in any house and choosing the right Christmas presents for the kids is really important. Every year we ask the girls to choose one present to ask Santa for. I have already written about this years choices in my Letters to Santa post . Last year Elizabeth asked for a Furby and Alison asked Santa for a new bike.
There is something special about getting a new bike at Christmas and I remember getting one when I was growing up. The crisp cold Christmas morning wearing your brand new clothes cycling up and down the road, adjusting the seat and handle bars whilst the snow falls down. Sounds too Idyllic doesn’t it. Its things like that make amazing memories. Ok so we can’t guarantee the snow but you can certainly get a great deal on a bike at Leisure Lakes Bikes.

This year I am trying to get the girls a few non commercial presents as well as their main ones so I have been scouring the internet for some fabulous gift ideas for the girls that requires a bit more time and a bit less money


Snowman Soup

A festive bag, a perfect poem, some hot chocolate powder, marshmallows and a candy stick to stir. A simple yet effective present that will be loved by people young and old. Snowman Soup is becoming a popular Christmas gift and if you add it to a new mug it can make and even better present. With some great mugs available in poundshops and similar this can be a low cost present for teachers too.


Make a snowman kits

You can buy a kit like the one pictured for around £10 but the fun for me is finding all of the individual items. I found a fantastic flat cap in a local charity shop for £1.50 and I have found all of the stones for the eyes and mouth. Today I managed to pick up some fabulous arm sticks near the girls school and I have a brilliant scarf from last year to add. All I need to find is a brilliant nose and we have a ready


Reindeer Food

A great gift for Christmas eve, get the children to sprinkle the magic Reindeer food outside the house to guide Santa’s Reindeer to your home. You can buy ready made gifts like the one shown or you can make your own with oats, glitter, sequins and a fabulous label.

I am also in the process of creating their own personal hampers with bath products, sweets and a few little stocking fillers.

Do you have any more ideas on what I can do for the children to make Christmas even more special?

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