Crafty Home Decor Ideas for a Child´s Room

Most children love getting involved when it is time to do some decorating. They feel very grown-up the first time you let them help you to roller a wall or pass you the hammer when you need to put up a painting. It is good to involve them from an early age because it helps them to be creative and develop skills they will need in adulthood. They will especially enjoy being involved when it is time to re-decorate their own rooms. Kids like to have a say in the way this space looks. Below we take a look at some crafty home decor ideas kids will love.

Use their photos to decorate their walls

If your child likes to take photos you could send one or two of them off to Hello Canvas and have them turned into prints to hang on their walls. Doing this will help to increase their interest in photography and potentially get them started with enjoying graphic design. Children are surprisingly good at manipulating images in simple graphics programs like KidPix.

Another alternative is for you to take a high-resolution photo of one of their drawings and send that away to be turned into a print. Kids really love seeing their artwork put up around the home. It really encourages them to keep on drawing and painting and develops their creative side.

Create unique bedding

The photos they take could also potentially be used to make unique bedding for their rooms. All you need to do is to buy some photo transfer paper, print the images and iron them onto a plain quilt cover or pillowcase. They look great, but you will need to be careful about how you wash this type of bedding. If you are not careful the photo transfer panels can start to peel off really quickly.

Make a rug

If your child is old enough you could potentially let them make a rug for their room. Rag rugs are a great way to use up old clothes and they are fun to make. In fact, there are several styles of rugs that a child could potentially help you to make by hand. You can see 25 of the best ones by clicking this link.

Create a blackboard wall

Blackboard walls are great fun and are really easy to create. You just need to be sure to buy the right type of paint. This simple home decor tip can last for years as well as you can wipe off any designs and start again.

Paint a mural

If your drawing skills, are up to it creating a mural for one wall is a great project. Potentially, you could draw the outline, do the cutting in and let your little one help you to colour the rest in.

For those who do not have particularly good drawing skills a wall sticker is another alternative. Let your child choose one and if it is practical to do so allow them to help you to put it up. We had a great wall sticker on Elizabeth’s bedroom wall a few years ago.

The above ideas really are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to crafty home decor. If your children are good at crafts they can make all kinds of items that could be used to decorate their room.