Countdown 59 – off to France I go

Yesterday passed by in a blur so I was unable to write my countdown post. The day started off in a rush so we ended up  heading to the local Harvester on our way to the cinema. They serve a unlimited breakfast but after a slice of wholemeal toast (no butter extra Marmite) and a couple of mouthfuls of scrambled egg, black pudding and bacon I was pretty full. It wasn’t slimming world syn free stuff but I could have had eggs benedict like Adam did so I count it as a win. We went to see The Secret Life of Pets (which was awesome by the way) and managed to by pass the popcorn and sweets. After the cinema we headed to Browns for afternoon tea where all the cake and sandwiches disappeared into my mouth in a blur. Not good but it’s my job to review them so I had to eat them really. Luckily in the evening we were both too full and on a sugar crash so we didn’t have any dinner and I woke up this morning only half a kilogram heavier than I was on Thursday so hopefully I haven’t caused too much damage.

Today has been a full day of travelling. My taxi picked me up at 7am to take me to the train station and breakfast consisted of a bag of apple slices, a bag of carrot sticks, a mullerlight yogurt and a cup of Starbucks coffee. Lunch at London City Airport was the closest to Slimming World friendly as I could get with Salmon, new potatoes and vegetables but I wanted to eat before I got on the plane. I flew from London City Airport to Angers with British Airways before walking around the amazing Chateau Brissac and having dinner in Troglodyte cave. Unfortunately the menu was set and it wasn’t friendly on the waistline with lots of pork, butter and Fouee (a local type of bread). It was all very delicious but very heavy on my stomach.

Tomorrow is another busy day in France and I am assuming I will be faced with even more food that has been selected for us. Being on a diet is all well and good when you can choose pr prepare your own food but when you are relying on others it can be tough!