Copying the Shabby chic look from our Glamping tent

We have just come back from Glamping at Jolly Days in York and Elizabeth has absolutely fallen in love with the decor. From the variety of different patterns everywhere to the tea cups and the candle holders, she was completely charmed. Although she has only recently had her room decorated she has now expressed interest in a shabby chic makeover.Here are some pictures of the inside of the Lodge tent we stayed in.

I am quite lucky that when we redecorated her bedroom in June I used a nice floral wallpaper for her desk surface so to transform her bed I would only really need to paint the wooden surfaces white and it would fit right in with the theme. I would also paint her blanket box and tv cabinet as well, I think using the Annie Sloane Old White chalk paint would make it look great.

I know she would love it if we transformed her floor with some White Washed Engineered Flooring but she will just have to put up with her carpets for now. Her walls could definitely do with painting or wallpapering as the green grass, blue sky and rainbow may be a little too young for her as her taste is developing, so maybe an off white or pale pink could brighten up the room. 

I think the key to the transformation may be in the small details, I will start hunting in all of the local charity shops for cushions, candle holders and teacups with flowers on and I might even get some sticky-backed plastic to put on the seat of her chair in her bedroom so I can blend that in too.

Can you think of anything else that will give her bedroom the Shabby chic feel without breaking the bank?