Christmas is nearly here.

Firstly I want to say sorry that I have not been around for the last week, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you would have seen that I spent four days in France over the weekend and before that I was panicking about what to pack. It is silly really as it was only a few days yet I packed enough for over a week, I will definitely be more sensible next time. 

I will be filling you in about my adventures over in my travel section over the next few days but first I wanted to let you know that December is usually a quiet month for me so I won’t be here on my blog as much for the next month. I always think December is for finishing what hasn’t been finished and that usually means I finally get to the bottom of my to do list and get started on my Christmas wrapping. 

Luckily for me I have finished all my Christmas shopping but I still enjoy heading to the Christmas Markets in Manchester for a hot pork roll and some gluhwein and soaking up the atmosphere. We spend a lot of time enjoying festive things as a family in December and we are looking forward to heading to Winter Wonderland in Manchester in a few weeks to see Sooty and also heading up to South Lakes Safari Park to meet Santa and hand feed the penguins and giraffes. I am sure we will throw in a festive film at the cinema, some ice skating and a mince pie or too.

One thing I need to start doing is preparing for all of the little things that make Christmas special and I need to put together our Christmas Eve presents which includes snowman soup, reindeer dust, new pjs, a new dvd and some popcorn. 

Do you have any Christmas traditions? What else could I put in our Christmas eve box?