Christmas Gift Guide for 5 to 8 year olds

It is that time again and I will be bringing you a selection of gift guides for you to look over which should give you some ideas on what to buy this festive season. Check out this Christmas Gift Guide for 5 to 8 year olds which is packed full of some low price point fabulous gifts.

gift guides for 5 to 8 year olds

This category is by far the easiest one for me as both of my girls fall within this age group. Now my girls are less about the big presents and more about the smaller items that will really make them smile.


Unless your child has been hiding under a rock then I am sure they have heard about gaming Youtuber DanTDM. Last week he released his first book, a graphic novel, and he has an activity diary coming out in November. These would both make great gifts for his fans . Check out the purchase links below

Trayaurus and the enchanted crystal

Official DanTDM 2017 Diary

Star Darlings are the latest dolls from Disney and they look fantastic. Each Star Darling has a musical ability and the dolls are really cool. As Elizabeth said she liked them because they were different from other dolls and they each had their own personalities.


Giftems from Jakks pacific are the latest collectibles to become all the rage. The Giftems Hotel & Spa Playset is a great place to store and play with their collection and it packs away nicely too.


Both of my girls have a thing for cuddly toys and this giant unicorn from Wilkos would be their ideal present on Christmas morning as I am constantly telling them they can’t have more soft toys.



The one thing we love about Lego is that there is something for everyone and you can get sets at a variety of price points to suit your budget. The Elves precious Crystal mine set features a fantastic slide and cute baby dragon and the Friends funfair set packs a whole load of activities into a tiny set with a variety of games for the friends to play.


My girls are obsessed with getting walkie talkies and although we have had versions in the past they have never been very good. These Discovery channel digital walkie talkies have an outdoor range of 3km and work really well. It’s a toy that can actually be practical and one that seems to focus more on how they work rather than making them child-friendly which is why I have put them in this category rather than the one below even if it is for ages 4 plus.


Ravensburger create some fantastic licensed products and these two are a great example. The 4 in 1 Star Wars games are great for kids of this age and the jigsaw puzzle is large enough to be a challenge yet small enough to be one that can be overcome. It would look great in a frame when it is finished.


If you have a kid who loves space then this rocket projector and room guard by brainstorm would be a perfect gift. The rocket projects 24 images up to 1 metre wide and it reacts to people coming into the room using lights and sounds. Sitting at 35cm tall it is a fantastic gift that will really make an impression.


We have reviewed Stikbots previously and the Zanimation studio is the perfect kit for kids who might be interested in this type of product. It is really simple to use and the green screen background plus tripod means that all you need to do is add a phone and it is everything you need to get started.

Make sure you check back for more of my Christmas Gift Guides.

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