Christmas Gift Guide – Grandparents

Buying gifts for the older members of your family can be tricky, in fact I think they get harder as they grow older. This gift guide should give you some ideas on what you can buy for Grandparents this Christmas.

Dobell Navy Tartan Flat Cap

A great gift for all the Grandads out there, nothing says distinguished gentlemen as much as a flat cap in my opinion. This Tartan flat Cap from Dobell is just one of many gifts that would be ideal. They also sell a great range of cufflinks, belts and ties.

Twitching lure – Vibrating fishing Lure

This Twitching Lure is a rechargeable, electronic lures that has Vibra-Strike Technology. The Twitching Lure flashes and twitches to mimic the movements of a fish which entices the fish to bite. If you are buying for a fishing fan then I guarantee they will love to find this under the Christmas tree.

What if? Christmas day puzzle by Ravensburger

I love a good jigsaw puzzle and the What If? range from Ravensburger is brilliant. The picture on the box is not the one that you need to create. This Christmas Day puzzle says “What if Christmas wasn’t as perfect as the TV adverts? Just what could this family get up to on Christmas day? The What If? puzzles are great for grandparents.

Quiet Rebellion Socks

When it comes to traditional Christmas presents then socks feature fairly high. British sock brand Quiet Rebellion have realised three new festive sock designs in time for Christmas. Available in packs of three (£29) the festive socks would make a great gift for Grand dads. While the Christmas socks are available in packs of three, they also have 18 designs available as a single pair (£12).

VW Campervan Travel Mug

Old people love VW campervans, I am sure some young people do as well. This VW Campervan travel mug from Paladone will make a great gift for under the Christmas Tree this year.

Warmies microwaveable plush

This super cute pug plush is a Warmies microwaveable plush that is packed full of lavender and it just smells amazing when it is heated up. It is actually great for the whole family and my girls both have different Warmies Plush to take to bed with them now instead of hot water bottles.

Let me know if you can think of anything else that is suitable for grandparents for Christmas.