Christmas Gift Guide for Grown Ups

It is that time again and I will be bringing you a selection of gift guides for you to look over which should give you some ideas on what to buy this festive season. Check out this Christmas Gift Guide for Grown-Ups including a special festive treat for the home as well.

Gift Guide for Grown Ups

Grown ups can be tricky to buy for. Finding the right gift that says the right thing is a bit of a mine field and we don’t want to be offending anyone at Christmas so taking your time to really think about the person you are buying for will make a lot of difference.

Gift Guide for Grown Ups

The Braun Body Groomer is perfect for those stylish gentlemen with a beard but it also allows others who may be slightly vain to maintain their body hair too. As it works wet and dry it really is a versatile product and one that shows you care. Although if you are aways moaning about the beard, this might not be the best gift to buy as they may think you are hinting that they need to shave it off and we don’t want any Christmas morning arguments.

Gift Guide for Grown Ups

This Let your light shine pendant, available from Argos, is a lovely gift that not only looks beautiful but also comes with the message that you are supporting Macmillan with your purchase. I fell in love with this necklace as soon as I saw it and I think it has a great message. It comes in a purple bag so I would feel the need to upgrade it to a box if I was giving it as a gift but this is great for anyone who feels strongly about the work that Macmillan do.



I have written about Olverum previously and hail it as my wonder oil. I don’t have a bath very often but if I ever feel that I need one due to exhaustion or illness then Olverum bath oil is the only thing I put in it. I always use it after hosting a Blog On conference or a tough session in the gym and it makes me feel so much better. This travel set allows you to take Olverum with you on your travels which would be great for helping with Jet lag in foreign countries or even to just wash away the stress of traveling. If you know someone with too much weight on their shoulders then this could be the perfect gift to help them unwind.


As a complete geek myself there is nothing I like more than geeky presents and if you liked the R2D2 Coffee percolator that was going around facebook the other day then you will love this. The R2-D2 cookie jar from Paladone looks amazing but if it was me, I wouldn’t use it for cookies. I would put it on my desk for all my bits and pieces or put it on my bedside table. In fact, I might just need to buy more for every room in my house. Paladone is the perfect shopping site if you have a geek to buy for and I might have to start a wish list to give to my husband ready for my presents.

Gift Guide for Grown Ups

Although this game is for ages 7 plus I wanted to include it in the grown-ups section because this is exactly the sort of game I would play with friends after one too many alcoholic drinks. If you are always meeting up at a friends house then this could be the perfect way to keep everyone entertained. I mean it includes kittens and explosions, what more could you really want from a game?



Gift Guide for Grown Ups

If you are not getting the chance to visit with your parents or in-laws then sending a festive bouquet to them would be the perfect way to let them know you are thinking about them. This beautiful bouquet from Beards and Daisies has a great selection of flowers and is both Christmassy and elegant. I would definitely recommend these if you want to make a good impression.


So there you go, a few very different ideas to get you thinking more about the personality of the person you are buying for and trying to match their personality to their perfect present to save any unwelcomed gifts this Christmas.

Make sure you check back for more of my Christmas Gift Guides.